Let’s Away – ‘A Tour Of The Stars’

Shoegaze driven to difference

The last time we covered Let’s Away, it was for the shoegaze-flirting ‘Golden Morning’. New single ‘A Tour Of The Stars’, however, is a long way removed from ‘Golden Morning’. Still with a shoegaze edge, but delivered differently.
‘A Tour Of The Stars’ has the hallmarks of a great indie track. It’s got a flawless quiet-loud dynamic, and it makes good use of its ability to seamlessly shift velocity. In a way, that’s what sets ‘A Tour Of The Stars’ apart from ‘Golden Morning’ – the momentum of this track is completely different, so for every echoey guitar and vocal it still doesn’t feel like a shoegaze song.

But lyrically, this is clearly a Let’s Away song. A strong lyrical grace airs through the vocal, complete with a despairing sense of apathy that strikes a strong contradiction to the lyrical content of the track itself. ‘A Tour Of The Stars’ is a love song for the disillusioned; a carefully crafted message of love and care, conveyed with carefree abandon.

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