High Safari – ‘White’

Like The Libertines going gentle

High Safari are back, following up the fantastic ‘Find Your Way Back’ with the Libertine-pop of ‘White’.

‘White’ is an indie-pop jewel of precious rise and fall movements and strong vocal melodies. It’s a track that, in a way, makes all of the melody reside in the delivery of the vocals and the reinforcement of backing vocals. Very little musical direction is taken by the music itself, with it simply just filling in the backdrop of the voice. It’s a bit of a strange feeling, listening to a song that is led by the vocals predominately. But that doesn’t cheapen it.

In the mesh of indie sounds that build the backdrop, we span materials from liquified indie jangle to crunchy alt-rock bass. It’s a very indie soundscape that varies in shades, and feels a lot like The Libertines experimenting with a softer sound. It’s hard to explain why it gives that vibe, possibly from the solid drums or the charmingly erratic form. Either way, ‘White’ is a fantastic follow up to show what High Safari are capable of: great indie-pop tunes.

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