The Winachi Tribe – ‘Time For Love’ Review

 The purest new Funk of the 21st Century

artworks-000124339148-3giqz1-t500x500For fans of: Chic; Prince; ‘Get Lucky’; ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’

There’s just not enough funk in modern music. I mean, yes, there is some – but in all honesty, Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ isn’t a spot on a Chic type of Funk is it? The closest we’ve come to that in the mainstream came from Daft Punk & Pharrell, but that’s a grey area since Nile Rodgers himself was involved. From a genuinely fresh sound perspective, Funk’s been pretty naked.

That’s no longer an issue. The Winachi Tribe’s latest single ‘Time For Love’ is, without a doubt, the closest thing to a contemporary resurrection of that Chic Funk sound. A retro sound restored for the 21st century, the track is infectious and infused with that energy that only Funk has. And vocally, it’s got a real Ian Brown swagger to it – which works wonders over the hypnotic musical groove.

Most importantly, ‘Time For Love’ is packed full of an organic quality. We all know the way things get – once a sound dominates a mainstream chart in the way ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Uptown Funk’ did, it becomes the in thing and gets replicated a hundred times over by artists eager to cash in. With Funk this can (and often does) lead to awful tracks that pack a horribly superficial vibe. The essence of the genre is something that can’t be manufactured or forced in any way; it’s one of the most natural musical styles there is.

Which makes ‘Time For Love’ all the more amazing. It has little consideration for the use of Funk as a contemporary pop weapon, instead staying true to the sound in its purest form. In doing so, it creates its own pop appeal that doesn’t stink of cheesy cash in. The Winachi Tribe have composed one of the best and most natural Funk sounds since 2013.

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  1. Thanks from all @the winachi tribe and A1M records for showing so much love for our debut single, it means a lot to us, thanks for championing small labels and emerging music, with love from England XX

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