Foxtrott – ‘Shaky Hands’ Review

A five-minute climax of Hip Hop/Indie/Electro greatness

FOXTROTT - 3-track album sampler (not for review) - ArtworkFor fans of: Foxtrott; Hip Hop; Indie

Foxtrott seems to have a sort of midas touch when it comes to producing tracks. Her last output, ‘Driven’, was phenomenal and her latest single is the perfect follow-up.

Foxtrott’s sound is not the conventional electro-indie one. It’s one that treads new experimental ground that nobody else dare touch. With its fascinating blend of a frequency-focused beat and emotive lyrics, it’s honestly something that is as closely related to hip hop as it is to indie. And it’s in this unorthodox sound that Foxtrott’s power resides, showing her ability as a creative artist in every aspect of her craft.

As such, ‘Shaky Hands’ fits the mold in a way that ‘Driven’ didn’t. Next to ‘Shaky Hands’, ‘Driven’ actually seems to have quite a conventional sound. ‘Shaky Hands’ takes the beats to the next level, within a song structure that has a constant sense of climax. The song always feels like at any moment it could slip away into the distance and end, but it remains a thundering constant for almost five mesmerising minutes of glistening instrumentation and smooth emotive vocals.

There really is nothing to say about ‘Shaky Hands’. It stomps forward off the beaten track to a hugely enjoyable place full of solid beats, heavy bass and rich emotion. Foxtrott has a unique and winning formula. Now all she needs is an album.

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