KAPTAN – ‘Anywhere We Go’ Review

Shimmering shores of indie-pop glory

2For fans of: Little Comets; Bombay Bicycle Club

Maybe it’s because it’s been a while since I heard any worth listening to. Maybe it’s because it’s officially summer now. Whatever the reason is, KAPTAN’s debut single ‘Anywhere We Go’ is sun-kissed indie-pop that is addictively enjoyable.

The guitars are pristine and intensely reverberated, giving that typical breezy indie vibe that so many bands try to obtain. The vocals are in a relatively high register and the whole track is a perfect example of how stereotypes don’t truly affect the quality of something. The track is, in brutal honesty, an echo of a dozen things we’ve heard before. It rings true to a time-tested indie-pop stereotype.

But, despite this standing against it, it’s a great stereotype. The breezy dream feel of the guitars allows you to drift away from any immediate bad feelings towards the sound. KAPTAN rides high on a sea of shimmering indie that splashes all over the listener, washing their dismissal away. It’s honestly impossible not to find yourself enjoying and getting into this track.

Really, that’s all you want in your music. KAPTAN doesn’t offer anything new to the indie-pop conversation, other than a new channel for the sound to flow down. But none of this should hold against the artist when it’s done so enjoyably.

‘Anywhere We Go’ is the most summery indie song you’ll hear this month. It’s perfect for an early-morning/mid-afternoon illuminated by sunshine. KAPTAN’s debut is a great sound for summer.


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