Emilio Pinchi – ‘Trying Man’: A Charmingly Sad Shanty


Emilio Pinchi’s new track ‘Trying Man’ is not a song for any of those people who want immediate action from their track (you know the ones). It’s made for the listeners with more sophisticated tastes, willing to listen for the duration for the track’s charms. Is that you? Good. We like you. Stay.

Emilio Pinchi makes the track as grassroots as possible. He’s a man, primarily with an acoustic guitar. It’s as stripped back to basics as pop music allows, and he even begins the track with distant guitar strums that give the immediate confusing impression that this’ll be a demo (though there’ll be a few Hipsters out there who’ll get off on that idea).

It’s a bit like what Jake Bugg sounded like before that mess of a second album, with a charmingly sad acoustic-led account of struggles that are relatively relatable delivered by way of a shanty. It clocks in at until three mins, not outstaying its ideas or welcome, and covering a good reach of emotional ground.

But it does just abruptly end, disappointingly. It begins to build up, adding in a full rhythm section and an additional guitar, but this just slips out at the end as if it were never there. As if the build was for nothing. Luckily, it’s very loopable.

Edit: Apparently, Emilio Pinchi isn’t Scouse. Let this be a lesson to never trust PR guys.


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