Helena Johnson – ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ Review

1How rare it is that we receive a track as grand and powerful as Helena Johnson’s latest track ‘Take Me Home Tonight’. Aside from her astounding vocals, the track finds its power in a very orchestral musical backdrop. Yep, you read that right.

With a 10-piece backing band, and a horn section brilliantly known as ‘The Horn Supremacy‘, Johnson could easily have let this track become a fully-blown orchestral piece that sounded so extraordinary from start-to-finish that it began sounding ordinary. Instead, we’re treated to a song that builds up to extraordinary orchestral glory gradually.

Opening with the powerful velvety vocals and a sole piano accompaniment, soon we’re spoiled with the inclusion of a string section that adds a rich layer of sound. And once the first chorus is out the way, the music crashes in with a full rhythm section. It’s the standard type of musical build that gets so painfully overused in modern pop music. I personally thought I was bored of it, but it’s executed so beautifully here that it’s refreshing to hear it done so well.

When you’ve had enough of the latest crop of indie-poppers churning out tracks that rise-and-fall where they stand, upgrade to this majesty and (I promise) it will take you somewhere and you won’t look back.


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