Chris D’Lima – ‘Decisions’ Review

Funk is SO in right now. Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson are showing this now with the runaway success of ‘Uptown Funk’, and just look at all the joy that Daft Punk had in 2013 with ‘Get Lucky’. It’s a good time to be laying down the funk… but only if you’re good at it. Nobody likes crap funk.

So here’s Chris D’Lima’s latest single ‘Decisions’ which is all funked up in all the right ways. It brings the best of funk to the party and wastes no time in doing so, opening with a blistering funk-rock guitar line and soon opening up into some emotively rhythmic vocals delivered over a traditional funk backing. Chris D’Lima has a natural funk flair, and he’s bringing in a lot of powerful pop elements to this track.

We have the stripped down to the funk basics verses, leading into a catchy chorus which even features its own backing vocals to make people want to sing along even more. And by following that chorus up with the blistering funk hook (now overlayed with some vocalwork), you have a funk pop masterpiece that hits all the marks.

‘Decisions’ is a fantastic track by a fantastic artist, showing that he has heavy pop appeal and that he can deliver it naturally. We’re looking forward to a lot more from D’Lima, and hopefully the release of this track signals the beginning of much more to come.

You can listen to the track below.

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