Violet Skies – ‘Liar’ Review

Violet Skies 'Liar'

A slinking electronic backdrop and a seductively smooth voice: Violet Skies’ latest track ‘Liar’ is a consistently flawless release that will make you fall in love with her.

It’s a strange thing to hear a song like ‘Liar’, where such emphasis is placed upon the vocals of the track. With so many new artists there’s a reluctance to put too much of the vocals at the heart of the track, preferring instead to have them coyly peek through an instrument-heavy mix. For lack of an actual name, Violet Skies’ voice is immaculate and is key to this song’s brilliance. She has a strong sense of melody and a seemingly effortless ability to control her voice, reaching a perfect range of notes.

It becomes immediately evident in the track that the textures of the song come from the vocals, opening with a panned vocal melody. And as the track progresses, the real build of the song comes from increasingly intense vocal deliveries accompanied by smooth harmonies. Sure, the instrumentation also builds over the course of the track to create a suitably dark atmosphere, but the voice is where the power of the track lies and, thanks to the amazing production of Ed Tullett, it is allowed to flourish.

‘Liar’ is a fantastically powerful addition to Violet Skies’ catalogue, showing the type of phenomenal talent she has. Because of the vocal control she has, it can at times make the emotion in the track feel slightly contrived, but who cares? Have you heard this track?

You can support this artist and buy the track here.

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