The Albion – ‘Young And Lost’ EP Review

The Albion are a Stoke based band with a very special talent. This talent stretches beyond their ability to nail an Alex Turner vocal style; they also have a strong sense of melody and know how to layer it into a variety of indie-rock tracks. ‘Young And Lost’ is the debut EP by the band, and it puts them ahead of many of their peers.

‘Illusions’ is arguably the EP’s most important moment. First impressions matter for new artists, and this makes a fantastic one as it shows us everything the band have to offer in a very immediate way. It starts us off with a frantic guitar line that hurtles us through the song and doesn’t give you even half a second to feel bored or disengaged.

‘Make Up Your Mind’ continues in the same vein. It opens with Two Door Cinema Club sounding lead guitars, but soon drops back into the Arctic Monkeys styled indie thrashout. And closing track ‘Life Amongst The Young And Lost’ doesn’t let the momentum drop for a moment, closing the EP with a sense of hectic finality. It avoids becoming the cliché slow/mid-tempo closing track while still managing to leave you feeling like you have completed a journey.

What’s particularly interesting to note here is that the band’s sound is such a medley of indie influence that it all sounds very familiar yet refreshingly new. The pressing urgency of the instruments give us a early Arctic Monkeys vibe, with hints of Johnny Marr and Two Door Cinema Club in the shimmering treble of the lead guitars, while the vocals offer the cool sound of AM-era Alex Turner. It’s a funny coming together that works spectacularly.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable indie-rock experience, this is a good EP to go to. It’s a solid debut, constant from start-to-finish, and what it lacks in stylistic diversity it makes up for in its ability to take a familiar sound and offer something new and unique from it.

You can listen to the EP here.


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