Suburban Radio – ‘We All Deserve To Be Free’ Review


It feels like an eternity since we listened to Suburban Radio’s ‘Step Out’ EP and picked out the acoustic rendition ‘We All Deserve To Be Free’ as being the most intriguing moment, offering “a stripped tease” of something much bigger. It also feels like too long a time since we first got a glimpse of how the track would turn out live.

Now, finally, Suburban Radio have come back with ‘…To Be Free’ in a full band format, and have released it as their latest single. It’s the full-force, explosive track that we were always hoping for – it opens unassumingly with a brief acapella rendition of the chorus, but it isn’t long before the 70’s punk revivalist sounds pierce through and you’re in a maelstrom of punk rock anthemia.

Ultimately, this track is everything you could possibly want from Suburban Radio – it’s every bit as punk-inspired as we’ve come to expect, and as usual it avoids the pitfalls of sounding dated and generic. In the mid section of the song, the band even manage to slip in a brief singalong bridge before launching back into the high-octane refrain – which is a great touch for making sure that there is something memorable and unique about this song above others.

Go find it, and go and listen to it. Now.

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