Joe Boyd – ‘The Dead Of The Night’ Review

Fans of ‘SETALIGHTSATELLITE’, rejoice. Joe Boyd is back with new track ‘The Dead Of The Night’ and it’s basically ‘SETALIGHTSATELLITE’ with longer hair. Crunchy guitars wrapped in overdrive set the tone for the track – it’s a rock track, and one that doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.

This track only comes in at little over two minutes, but Boyd doesn’t fall on genre stereotypes during these two minutes. Most two minute rock tracks are fast, furious and punk edged and feel like a quick flurry of energy. Boyd doesn’t go for the fast approach, pacing the track out so that it doesn’t ever feel like a flash of music. It feels like a wholesome experience from start to finish.

‘The Dead Of The Night’ features a simple but effective guitar riff, a nice chorus vocal hook and a general vibe that feels like somebody has condensed Supergrass’ ‘Diamond Hoo Ha’ album into two minutes. And anybody who enjoyed that album will thoroughly enjoy this track too.

Do you miss Supergrass? Miss them no more, because Joe Boyd is here to fill the void!


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