Video: Cloud Nothings – ‘Psychic Trauma’

The more you listen to music, the more you get a general idea of how songs are going to be constructed. Even ‘surprise’ tempo shifts don’t prove to be that surprising because there is usually some hint of change.

‘Psychic Trauma’ breaks that rule and my mind. Cloud Nothings begin it with a lulling psych-tinged sound, before throwing the mid-tempo away and unleashing a relentless flurry of frantic drums and vocals that become intensely raw – preparing for the maelstrom of energy that closes the song.
And the music video is representative of the transforming sound, essentially being like watching the band while slowly having a bad reaction to some drugs somebody has laced your food with. And that sounds like a winner in my book!

The song and video, that is. Not the idea of somebody lacing my food with drugs. That wouldn’t be cool.


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