Lifecycle – ‘Lino Cosmos’ Review

Lino Cosmos art SUPSYM004_4000

Lifecycle are a live electronic group from London, but that’s not the genre that might immediately spring to mind when listening to their new album ‘Lino Cosmos’. Though it is rooted in the live electronic sound, it isn’t really until track 6 – ‘Rush Into This’ – that this becomes explicitly obvious. Until then, ‘Lino Cosmos’ is a live music mash up – bringing in such a band vibe to it that Lifecycle almost become alternative.

But don’t consider that criticism, because either way ‘Lino Cosmos’ is a phenomenal release. With tracks that are never shorter than 4:16, this is a release that does make it a little bit difficult for you to just dip in for a couple of minutes. But the rewards from listening to this album as a whole are great, with there being no filler tracks here.

The album starts with ‘Dissolve’ (a track featured in our recent Fresh Beats show), a hectic percussion-led track that swells around for five minutes and is the perfect mix of aggressive and relaxed instrumentation. From there the album continues with the mid-tempo swelling sounds, with the hook-heavy floor filler ‘Not Enough’ and the NIN-meet-Gorillaz sounding ‘Burst Your Bubble’.

But the band save the finer points for the album’s close. ‘Rush Into This’ features simple vocal calls and jazz-singed keys, and signals the start of where the album comes into its own. Closing track ‘Greed’, which for some reason has a Frank Turner vibe about it, is a perfect end to a great album – bringing the whole thing to a close as triumphant as its opening.

‘Lino Cosmos’ is a success for genre-blurring music, with artwork as confusingly brilliant as the tracks themselves. Shift things around in your schedules and make time for this album – it’s a worthwhile investment.

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