Villiers – ‘You’re Not Alone’/’Nowhere To Run’ Review

80’s style synthesizers that sound a lot like CHVRCHES set up each track on Villiers’ AA side single, ‘You’re Not Alone’/’Nowhere To Run’.

Unfortunately when the vocals kick in it’s all rather anti climatic, the structural formula of each track is – in theory – brilliant. With catchy synths and lyrics that would be great to sing along to, if you were just a little bit tipsy at a festival somewhere, the band seem initially to be onto a winner.

But the vocal talent of Villiers just lets the whole thing down. Although, it has to be said, that they could be a lot worse. But because the rest of the song is of quite a high quality, it really emphasises that there’s something lacking in the vocals.

That’s not to say that nothing can be done about this, with a lot more focus on the vocals, there’s a lot of promise for these guys, I’m almost certain of it. They have the kind of catchy, repetitive synths that can really work their way into your mind, they give off that feeling. In fact, if you just focus on just the music, then this double AA side single will bring nothing but joy to your ears.


By Samantha Daly

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