Nervous Twitch – ‘Somebody Else’/’Tarantino Hangover’ Review

After a string of singles and EPs, ‘Somebody Else’/’Tarantino Hangover’ is the sixth release to come from Leeds band Nervous Twitch. Creating their own unique punk rock sound, infusing 60’s pop melodies and inspiration from the likes of The Ramones, ‘Somebody Else’ was released on September 1.

Keeping the production levels nice and simple seems to be working in their favour, especially with this new single. With all the over produced, auto-tuned material that’s currently about, it makes it all the more refreshing to hear something sounding so raw.

Managing to take the best parts from both pop and rock and put them together in an appeasing way, ‘Somebody Else’ has the catchiness of a pop song – the repetitive riffs and chorus sure to embed themselves on your eardrums. The good thing about that is that the heavy guitars throughout the track go quite a long way in making that okay.

‘Tarantino Hangover’, an instrumental piece, gives a nice break from the repetitive, simplified lyrics and really showcases the love and talent the band has with their instruments. A grand effort from the band, an undoubtedly promising sign of even better things to come in the future!


By Samantha Daly

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