The Golden Dregs – ‘What A Life, What A Waste’ Review

There’s something naturally cool about sounding chilled and effortless, with a distorted breeze of guitars blowing along in the background. It is, to music, what Spaghetti Westerns were to film in the 1960’s. And in the wild western expanse of new music, The Golden Dregs are Clint Eastwood. They are effortlessly cool and deliver a rare kind of relaxed angst.

‘What A Life, What A Waste’ is like that weird blend of The Strokes, Howler and Damon Albarn that really shouldn’t work but really, really does. It has a simplistic opening: clean-ish guitar chords and high hat hits. But bring in the vocals and you’re listening to the birth of musical coolness. The second the vocals come in is the moment that an unassuming guitar intro finds its spark.

And even cooler than the song itself is the frayed-edge recording vibe that you get. The track is featured on 80N7’s upcoming compilation for Cassette Store Day 2014, and is meant to capture a DIY-sounding band. And from the faint background hiss to the rough level mixing, there is definitely a DIY feel that sits right at home in the song.

It’s a great, effortlessly cool track for any fans of Howler or The Strokes to enjoy. It’s got a nice garage alt-rock feel to it, and it’s available to stream below. You can pre-order it, and other tracks from new artists, on Cassette for Cassette Store Day 2014 here.

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