The Reminisce – ‘By Night’ Review

The Reminisce’s new track is full of upbeat acousto-pop melodies and strong vocals, with the occasional input of a tambourine to add an element of percussion to the track. It’s a catchy track with hooks constructed into both the instrumentation and the vocal melody. And for some reason it reminds me of an upbeat acoustic version of ‘Machines’ by Biffy Clyro.

Starting with a great filtered acoustic riff fade in, it isn’t long until the bass line comes in and the vocals soon after. It’s a track that follows a form that builds momentum as it plays out – sure, there’s a brief pause either side of the first chorus, but the chorus itself is a massive lift. And from there, the track keeps the momentum going.

But all the momentum would be wasted if the track didn’t have one defining moment. And tucked away in the mass of pop hooks is the chorus, which combines straightforward pop acoustics with a strong melody and some sweet vocal harmonies that keep the melody flowing.

The band are set to release an EP soon, so this track sets the band in strong form going into that. You can stream the track below and judge for yourself.


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