Starling – ‘Dream Again’ Review

The title track from Starling’s upcoming album shows a band who are following a clear musical path. With a constant muted guitar running through the heart of the track, ‘Dream Again’ is a singalong indie-rock anthem with a chorus that is as infectious as they come.

Following in the footsteps of Imagine Dragons and American Authors, the track is coloured with accessible pop guitars and the odd burst of keys. A simple vocal melody, reinforced with some call-and-response backing vocals, is enough to draw anybody to immerse themselves in the musical moment that Starling are creating. And it’s a very beautiful moment – one that builds and builds until it explodes with a rousing melodic hook.

Anthemic indie-rock doesn’t come much better or purer than this. Despite using so many elements that are becoming quite textbook indie, the song still feels honest and natural. There is no moments that feel like the band set out to deliberately make this into a song people will want to sing; it only ever feels like a song they want to sing. And luckily, other people will too.


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