The Slow Readers Club – ‘Start Again’ Review

We’ve all done it. We’ve all stopped and wondered what it would sound like if Alex Trimble had a manlier voice. How different would Two Door Cinema Club’s sound be? The Slow Reader’s Club answer this question, and the answer is “not very different really”. Ahead of the release of their new single in September, the band have re-released ‘Start Again’. And it’s still a great bit of feel-good indie-electro. A powerful bass groove lies at the heart of this song, and that’s really the biggest appeal of the track. The tremolo picking and ringing reverb of the guitars are commonplace in Indie music, and while the electro element adds some depth, it’s still the phenomenal bass that demands attention the most. It’s a simple and effective detail weaved into the fabric of the song. The lead hooks are nothing to overlook though. They provide a nice framework for the vocals, contrasting their soaring highs with the relatively low vocal section and making for a hugely enjoyable song. If you’re a TDCC club fan and want to fill the gaping hole in your musical world that the band have left behind in their mysterious absence, look no further than this song.


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