Deja Vega – ‘Sleep’ Review

Their drums hit hard and their songs hit harder: Deja Vega’s first batch of recorded material is sounding great, and ‘Sleep’ is the best demonstration of their desert-rock sound.

From the brutal unforgiving drum opening and call-to-arms vocals to the energetic guitar centrepiece, this is a raw piece of primal energy in every sense. It’s a song that is easy to slot into the back catalogue of rock goliaths like Queens Of The Stone Age, and with good reason. The guitars are phenomenal: the main riff is packed with tension, and the solos are blistering and pit-creating.

This track will get you pumped and ready for anything, from a fight to a night out. Hell, it could even get you ready for a really good meal if you wanted it to. The bottom line is: you should be listening to this track.

You’re not already? Let us help with that. It’s posted below.


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