Joe Boyd pledges new album

Jazzpunker Joe Boyd has began working on his new album, ‘I Survive I’, and is taking to PledgeMusic to fund the project.

Boyd says he has “always believed in working with a DIY ethos since [his] first album, Totem“, stating that his freedom from contractual obligations enables him to approach new ways of releasing an album. And, for ‘I Survive I’, the approach is to give fans “the opportunity to be an integral part” of the album.

The album is already written, and the PledgeMusic campaign is to cover recording and production of the album. As per the norm for PledgeMusic projects, there is a range of exclusive rewards on offer for pledging certain amounts – ranging from signed handwritten copies of lyrics to a disposable camera of tour/studio photos, and even the chance for Boyd and his full band to perform in your house.

The pledge can be found here, and will end on Sunday August 3. You can read our review of his new track ‘SETALIGHTSATELLITE’ here.

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