The Sunday Reeds – ‘Jean-Luc’ Review

Grunge, like punk before it, is a movement that ended many years ago and – despite many artists trying hard to recapture the spirit of the movement – has not shown too many signs of making any sort of return. We’ve seen a lot of new artists trying to blur the lines between shoegaze and grunge, but they never produce anything¬†that really stands out as signalling a return to Grunge.

But if anything is going to give us that signal, it’s ‘Jean-Luc’ by Australia’s The Sunday Reeds. It’s a total grunge powerhouse of a track, from a band who describe themselves as ‘Shirley Manson fronting The Rolling Stones’. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

‘Jean-Luc’ features powerful pounding drums, a prominent bassline and understated guitar chord rings that make for an atmospheric listen. Add searing guitar solos on top of this and you’re onto a winner. It’s a great track and, as the lead off the band’s ‘Amour Tragique’ EP, a good way of getting into the band.

You can listen to the track below. You’ll be swaying around in a disillusioned daze before you know it.


Gif courtesy of Simpsonspics on Tumblr.

Didn’t we tell you?

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