Coasts – ‘Oceans’ Review

Nothing riles me up like reading a band describe themselves as ’emo’. For me, ’emo’ is a branding given by closeminded music critics in the mid-noughties to post-punk/softcore-hardcore bands that were slightly too punk to be pop-punk. So when I see a band describe themselves as ’emo’, I see red.

I gave Coasts a chance in spite of this, with their track ‘Oceans’. And I was so pleasantly surprised that I became annoyed at myself for jumping to conclusions. ‘Oceans’ is a powerful indie-punk piece with a big chorus and some beautiful summery guitars. Vocally reminiscent to the likes of Twin Atlantic and You Me At Six, the music itself pins itself to the sounds of other genres and this makes the track a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

It’s an enjoyable anthem packed full of reverb-soaked guitars and crashing drums, with a strong sense of melody that keeps you going back for more singalong goodness. And it’s definitely worth listening to. And you can do so, below.


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