Wild Smiles – ‘Fool For You’ Review

Distorted guitars lead the way in the latest single from Wild Smiles, an alt-rock band that you’re likely to be hearing about very shortly – not least because they’re getting quite a lot of support from radio stations lately.

With a sound that simultaneously channels Beach Boys and Husker Du with hints of Supergrass’ ‘Richard III’ (basically it’s a less abrasive Howler, for those seeking a more contemporary example), ‘Fool For You’ is a track that gets slightly up in your face but keeps enough distance for you to appreciate its beauty. And somewhere in it’s dense crunchy guitar lines, there’s a sense of shoegaze whimsy that adds something strangely summery to this track.

The vocals are laid-back and effortlessly cool and the track makes sure not to outstay it’s welcome, finishing up in just over two minutes. It’s a nice short burst of feel-good energy that you’ll be putting on repeat just to get your fill. And that’s a brilliant and never-disappointing thing.

You can watch the video for the track below, and you can download a free copy of the track over on the band’s official Facebook page.


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