Popobawa – ‘Appetite’ Review

Humans are overrated. We’re lazy, we’re opinionated and we fart. We’re not the most appealing of creatures at the end of the day. Of course, all of these things are hideous exaggerations and I’m sure nobody reading this is any of these things (we love you, you beautiful people. Please don’t leave us!). But some of us are, and it’s realisations like this that drove Gosport outfit Popobawa to seek a less sentient rhythm section. Ah, the perks of technology.

‘Appetite’ is the latest demo by Popobawa, a sweet psychedelic safari that melts into a summery soundscape. It’s just a demo, so we take this into consideration – but it’s definitely one that puts the band in good stead for the future. It’s set to feature on their upcoming EP (which is set to be recorded during the summer, fittingly) and we can’t wait for it!

Thanks to bands like The Horrors, the term psychedelia has become infected with the shoegaze sound and it’s blurred a lot of genre lines. That’s where Popobawa’s bright psychedelia comes in as a refreshing breeze of summer air – dispelling the idea that psychedelia has to have dark brooding undertones. This track is pure summer bliss, ideal for the carefree wasting away of hours that the season brings. Stick it on loop and you won’t notice – it doesn’t get boring or tiring, it stays fresh and feel-good.

And if this is just the demo, we can’t wait for the full track! You can listen to the demo here.

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