Moats – ‘Snakepit’ Review

There’s something heartwarming and refreshing about listening to a track where as much effort has gone into crafting the lyrics as went into composing the music. And in Moats’ new track, ‘Snakepit’, this is exactly how it feels.

Brooding guitars, a sinister bassline and a primal drumbeat form the backdrop for ‘Snakepit’ – showcasing a darker side to the band’s sound. Fans of Moat’s other soundcloud tracks (notably ‘Absorb’ and ‘Toothache’) will be well acquainted with the dramatic sounding guitars but will find the moodiness of the sound invigorating.

The lyrics are the highlight of the track. Sticking true to the title, the track is brimming with snake-referencing conceit. The refrain of “you, you slither in and tell me how to feel…I, I shed my skin, don’t let it flatter you” shows that, in spite of this referencing, it manages to maintain ambiguity – opening it to individual interpretations and personal relevance. A clever lyrical device.

And it’s this level of artistry and attention to detail that makes ‘Snakepit’ such a standout track. It’s hard to fault this track because it’s good on so many levels. Definitely one to check out. You can listen to the track here.


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