Goodtime Boys – Dream Of Life Review

The second track on the recent split single between Self Defense Family and Goodtime Boys, the latter’s ‘Dream Of Life’ greatly improves on the first track on the single. But is it a genuinely good track, or just one that is good by comparison?

Unlike Self Defense Family’s ‘Not Considered A Flight Risk’, ‘Dream Of Life’ manages to get the contrast between light instrumentation and heavy vocals right.  Yet despite this good contrast the instrumentation does feel, in parts, that isn’t quite powerful enough to carry the vocals. The first verse of the track demonstrates this, but it isn’t long before the instrumentation becomes considerably more aggressive and powerful.

This aggressive, in-your-face nature contains just the right mix of venomous vocal lines, spat violently, and high-octane instrumentation that will definitely go down well in a live situation. And the song continues very much in this vein, continuing in an energetic and powerful manner that sees the track right until it ends.

Overall, this is a good track that highlights the ability of Goodtime Boys and makes up for the underwhelming first track on the single. It’s one that I recommend listening to if you’re into hardcore music, or even if you’re not.

This split 7″ single will be released in a limited edition batch of 700 on Palm Reader Records on November 11. You can check out our review of the first track, ‘Not Considered A Flight Risk’ by Self Defense Family, here.


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