Self Defense Family – Not Considered A Flight Risk Review

There’s a new split 7″ single from Palm Reader Records, featuring artists Self Defense Family and Goodtime Boys. And the opening track, Self Defense Family’s ‘Not Considered A Flight Risk’, leaves ever so much to be desired.

With all the musical complexity of a teen garage band, ‘Not Considered A Flight Risk’ is a track that underwhelms from the very beginning. Both the simple instrumentation and the abrasive¬†vocals immediately make me imagine that this could well be what Gallows sounded like in the very early days.

Respect where it is due, there is a hardcore edge and spirit to this track. However, the track is far too unrefined to warrant release as part of a single and the instrumentation definitely needs to be worked upon. The vocal line to the track feels as though it is crying out for much more. The instrumentation doesn’t suit the vocal style even remotely: there is far too much a contrast between the abrasive vocals and the feeble guitar sound and occasional tambourine rattles.

The track is a bad beginning to a split single, one that should not have been recorded until it was more refined. I feel this is not the beginning to a record that Palm Reader Records had in mind, but it can only get better from here.

This split 7″ single will be released in a limited edition batch of 700 on Palm Reader Records on November 11.


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