Sterling Silver – Sweet Talk Review

Image courtesy of Native Group.

With a simple and driving drum beat and harmonious waves of techno swell, sprinkled with glorious trumpets and chiming keys, ‘Sweet Talk’ is a fantastic track that will get into your head and will reside there for quite some time.

The strength of this track comes largely from its splendid instrumentation, which is rooted as firmly in Indie as it is in Dance or Club, but also from its vocal section. The vocal melodies, for example, are fantastic at getting stuck in your head just as much as the instrumentation.

In addition to this, the lyrics are quite interesting. Combining the depth of many indie artists with the simplicity of many club/dance artists, this track has verses that carry the weight of the lyrical content while the chorus carries the main hook of the track. It’s a well-worn format, but one that is certainly effective.

But despite all of the strengths of this track, it (or elements of it) remind me of Katy Perry circa her ‘Teenage Dream’ album. And no matter how much I listen to this song, I can’t shake that feeling.

Overall, a great effort by Sterling Silver and one that will definitely go down well. I look forward to hearing more from him.


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