The Sunset Strip Club – Einstein’s Theory Review

‘Einstein’s Theory’ is the debut single by pop-rock trio The Sunset Strip Club. And despite a slightly peculiar title, the track is a pop-rock gem that will definitely get stuck in your head.

The first striking thing about the track is that a good portion of it is driven by a single guitar chord, played repeatedly to drive the track forward. Around this chord, the song gradually builds to the explosive chorus that packs the catchy hooks of pop with the volcanic energy of rock. This is one of the most interesting techniques I’ve observed in pop-rock music for a while, in that it makes it easy for the audience to follow the build up in a way that is simultaneously subtle and blatantly obvious.

The song is pop-rock through and through, with elements of the track reminding me of bands from Thirty Seconds To Mars to Imagine Dragons. This track is one that will surely go down well with fans and will definitely win them many new ones, while possibly also denting the mainstream and offering some commercial success. In short: I have a lot of faith in this track and I think that it’s one that will serve the band well.

There’s not a lot more to say about this track. Pop-rock fans will certainly not be disappointed and fans of either genre will still find things of merit. Take a listen and fall in love with The Sunset Strip Club today.


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