Dear Lara – ‘Plans’ EP Review

Dear Lara is the stage name of Glaswegian folk troubadour David Lan, a name which may one day become a household name. With the release of new EP ‘Plans’, Lan shows a fantastic amount of potential.

From the opening notes of first track, ‘Deadweight’ (which sounds like a melancholy reworking of Bright Eyes’ ‘First Day Of My Life’), you get chills and know this is something special. The beauty of ‘Deadweight’, and ‘Plans’ as a whole, is that it is a work of art of such fragile beauty that the only thing to do is sit back and admire. As the EP plays, you get more and more acquainted with the Dear Lara sound – fragile melodies hooked on whimsical string-oriented instrumentation.

A special note should be made for the vocal work of this EP too. While it is definitely set in it’s folk roots with it’s delivery, this EP’s lyrical content is definitely one that seems to take influence from a range of sources. Many of the lyrics rely heavily on the use of imagery and poetics, which spring to mind individuals from Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner to fabled Punk-Poet John Cooper Clarke.

This EP is definitely one to check out. It’s a well-worked effort that sounds beautiful and fragile enough that it could easily just melt away into the ether at any moment. Luckily, it never does. Hopefully the same can be said about Dear Lara.

You can listen to the EP here, as well as on Spotify, and can watch the video for ‘Rabbit Island’ below.


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