Dive Exit – Langar Review

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Dive Exit‘s debut album was one that I had been eagerly anticipating for some time. From my first time hearing the band, I’ve been eager to hear more from them. There were no EP’s, so the world had to make do with the tracks the band had floating around on the internet.

‘Langar’ finally dropped in July, so I am – by my own admission – a little late with this review. But better late than never – as with the album itself, which is a wondrous testament to the musical capabilities of Dive Exit.

The album begins, rather cleverly, with a bass groove that soon evolves into a musical behemoth that oozes with swagger and raw power.  This is a clever starting track as, for the most part, this is the very definition of the Dive Exit sound. The band expertly produce powerful instrumentation with just the right amount of groove and melody to produce the ideal opening to the album.

From the mighty feel-good, optimistic, ‘Learn To Fly’-esque power of ‘Living Dangerous’ to the powerful indie-pop-rock concoction that is ‘Don’t Worry Kid’ and the anthemic folk-rock of ‘Effort’, this is an album with plenty of moments that will not only keep the listener interested but also finding themselves dancing and/or singing along.

The album is brimming with energy and melody, to such varying extents that you would be forgiven to thinking that some of the tracks would make uneasy bedfellows one another. But part of the charm of this album is that the album is structured in such a fashion that all of the tracks work well together.

Fans of Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters will definitely find satisfaction in this album. With an overall sound like both bands, with some garage rock, indie and rock & roll thrown in, this album has wide appeal. Although some tracks may feel like they could have been omitted, Malfunction or The User for example, every track has a place here.

There are some areas which could be improved upon, and some parts of tracks that tread scarily close to sounding forced, but the album is a fantastic effort from a band that are worth paying attention to. It’s a wonderful album that is a pleasure to listen to and features tracks that will get stuck in your head for days on end. Definitely one worth checking out.

You can purchase the album here.


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