We Are Back!

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Hi everyone, welcome back to Fresh Beats! That’s right – it’s 28 September 2013 and that is that day that the blog returns at long last! It’s been far too long since I disappeared, so how are you? What have I missed?

Having been keeping up to date with the world of new music, it turns out that I have missed a lot. Many of these things will appear on the blog over the next seven days, but don’t worry: I’m still keeping well aware of things happening right now.

So what is happening right now? Well, the blog disappeared to undergo a revamp in terms of content. Visually, yes, we are the same. And it’s still the same URL and writing style. But there are some very notable differences in terms of service and features. These are all outlined below and they’re all very exciting! It’s going to be quite intensive to start with, and some features may not appear on quite as regular a basis as originally intended as it does rely a lot on the availability of new bands.

So I’ll have to ask you all to be patient during the initial stages of these changes and, if you’re an artist or part of a band, do try to get in touch with the blog. I’m dedicated to providing a service to bands and fans alike, and it can only be here with the cooperation from new artists.

So keep reading, keep up to date, keep sending stuff to me and I promise I’ll get around to it. It’s good to be back and I’ll speak to you all soon!


  • Preview and Review Pieces will be written at the first available opportunity and will be live on the blog on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • News Pieces will be published on a daily basis. Obviously, this will be incredibly intensive so not all news stories will be run and some days may not necessarily feature a news piece. But, should this happen, I’ll try to make it fall on a day where another piece is being published.
  • Interviews will appear on a much more regular basis (depending on artist participation). These will be published every Saturday when available.
  • Picks Of The Week will not longer run, effective immediately. To compensate, however, I will run a similar feature at the end of every month or quarterly, depending on how intensive everything else is. The reason for this is that the post began to become stagnant on a weekly basis and the podcast led to the feature being slightly redundant.
  • The Fresh Beats Podcast will continue to run, indefinitely. However, it will not run as yet as I am still in the stages of deciding whether to broadcast it on a station or simply upload it to the blog. This will be decided by Christmas at the absolute latest. But I guarantee that the podcasts will continue.
  • A brand new feature will run eventually called The Bandstand. This feature is one I am very excited about, as it will essentially be a ‘Band 101’. This means I will run special interviews with artists, hopefully both unsigned and established, where they offer advice to music hopefuls and even to other musicians. The topics will range from songwriting and forming a group to recording tips and planning tours. And to make it even more interesting, I will also endeavour to run the odd feature on specific things (bass, drums, etc). I am incredibly excited about this feature and I will keep you all posted as to developments with this.
  • Exclusive Performances were something I really enjoyed getting before, but the blog never really had as many as I would have liked. So I will be trying to put a greater focus on trying to obtain exclusive performances for the blog and the podcast.
  • And finally, I am planning to take greater advantage of the visual medium to accompany the greater focus on exclusive performances. This will, hopefully, mean that we could soon see the first video performances for Fresh Beats – something that, at least to me, is a very exciting prospect.

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