Rat Attack – Rat Attack EP Review

Rat Attack EP Cover

Rat Attack are a band who know exactly how good they are. For example, the band’s Bandcamp page sees them describe themselves as ‘your new favourite band’. A bold statement but one that I find hard to dispute.

The band’s debut EP dropped last week for free and it shows them at their party punk best. From the brutal opening drums and aggressive guitars of first track ‘A Bird In Hand’ to punk-pop anthem ‘Heartbeat’, this EP shows five different shades of the band’s energetic sound. And each track is so brilliantly crafted that it is hard not to agree with the band’s bold statement.

Fans of Kids In Glass Houses, The Blackout and Youmeatsix will find the most value in this band. Their sound is similar to the early days of all three, blended together to produce some great hard-hitting punk with elements of pop and metal. And this provides for a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

Though for all its high points, there are a couple of low points that it is hard to overlook. The first low point is, sadly, the opening track. Though ‘A Bird In Hand’ provides some great moments in terms of instrumentation, the lyrics are by far the weakest on the EP. It’s an unusual choice to open the EP with a track that lacks the lyrical substance of the others.
The second low point is the third track, ‘Look Back And Laugh’. The shortest on the EP, it seems a lot more rushed than the others. It is the only track on the EP that feels as if it doesn’t really progress anywhere and it just seems stuck in one place. To me, it seems like a track that the EP would be better off without.

So, are Rat Attack your ‘new favourite band’? Well while this is an impressive EP, I’m not sure I’d go quite as far as saying they are my new favourites. However the tracks are well constructed, energetic and musically brilliant. Perhaps my favourite new band, but not my new favourite band. But give it time; I’m certain they’ll get there.

You can listen to the EP in it’s entirety and download it here.


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