My Heroine – ‘I’ll Be Your Heroine’ Single Review

My Heroine

Today marks the release of ‘I’ll Be Your Heroine’, the lead single from My Heroine‘s debut EP ‘Driven To Distraction’ (review available here). And it’s a great track for the band to lead with.

The track shows the melodic metal signature style of the band, but also contains strong elements of a mix of other genres – all of which come together to make for an exciting and interesting listen. The drums for example have an undeniable minimalistic, punk-inspired approach for the most part: they may be simple, but they are most definitely effective in driving the song forward.

Above this strong rhythm we have a steady bass line and an in-your-face layer of guitars that make the song worth listening to. But the real beauty comes in the form of the vocal work: praise here not only falls on the power and melody of the vocals, but also the urge to singalong that I get every time I listen to the song. It truly is something special.

This song is, without a doubt, one of the band’s finest. A great choice as a lead track and one that will go down well with fans. I can’t wait for an opportunity to see it performed live!

You can buy the song here and also listen to it below.


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