Picks Of The Week 15

This week I’m back with the usual range of styles. From piano-driven indie rock to melodic metal, there is a lot on offer this week that definitely deserves checking out. I won’t be giving a big introduction this week, as by now I’m sure you all know what to expect. Without further procrastination, here are this week’s picks of the week.

1. Slip Away – Missing Andy

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.
Genre: Indie; Easy-Listening Rock

‘Slip Away’ is the final track from the band’s recent ‘Acoustic EP’. Bearing similarity to ‘Sunshine’ from their debut album ‘Generation Silenced’, it shows how much the band have matured as songwriters. With a main riff sounding very classical influenced and a vocal performance that has become the trademark of Missing Andy, this track is one of the band’s finest.

2. Tough At The Top – Gentleman’s Dub Club ft. P Money

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.
Genre: Dubstep; Indie

Though predominately dubstep, ‘Tough At the Top’ also contains some elements of Indie which makes the track stand out – particularly among the other tracks on the band‘s ‘Open Your Eyes’ EP. In some ways, it bears similar to Hadouken! around the time of ‘Music For An Accelerated Culture’. There’s not a great lot to say about this track as it does what it says on the tin: featuring an appearance by P Money, the track deserves a lot more recognition than it has. If you’re a fan of Dubstep, Indie, Dub, Ska or even regular Reggae, this track is worth checking out.

3. Spit It Out – My Heroine

My Heroine
Genre: Melodic Metal; Hard Rock

My Heroine are an Essex-based, all female four piece that specialise in muscular melodic metal. Yet despite the muscular instrumentation, the band make the style accessible to those who are not necessarily into metal. ‘Spit It Out’ is a great track to introduce yourself to the band with: taken from their debut ‘Driven To Distraction’ EP, the song is driven forward by blazing lead guitar sections, catchy bass lines and powerful drums that tie everything together. And to make it even better, the vocals float and soar above the instrumentation to make for a song that is definitely worth checking out.

4. Livin’ Fast – The Whiskey Syndicate

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.
Genre: Hard Rock; Rock ‘N’ Roll

The opening track off The Whiskey Syndicate‘s debut album ‘Right Side of Crazy’, ‘Livin’ Fast’ is a fast paced hard rock track that excites me aurally. Starting with feedback and then breaking through it with a sense of urgency, the song builds from there and peaks with a very impressively powerful guitar solo, before dropping down gently to the song’s climax: a powerful lead riff that gradually descends and brings the song to a halt. Wonderfully done.

5. Playing With Fire – Redwire

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.
Genre: Indie; Alternative

‘Playing With Fire’ is the most recent single by Redwire and is definitely a track worth checking out. A powerful Indie-Alternative track driven by Toom Nowakowski’s raw vocals and the sizzling guitars, this track stands out amongst their other work as possibly their finest moment. Definitely worth checking out.

You can listen to the track here.

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