Missing Andy – ‘Acoustic EP’ EP Review

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Missing Andy explored different musical avenues before settling in one camp for the release of debut album ‘Generation Silenced‘. But with their new acoustic EP (imaginatively titled ‘Acoustic EP‘) the band take you on a tour de force of all their sounds – past and present.

The EP begins with the acoustic-alternative ‘It’s Over‘, a track typical of the band circa ‘Generation Silenced‘. Combining the clever wordplay and powerful raw vocals we’ve grown to expect from Alex Greaves, along with the rhythmic guitars of Steve Rolls, we get a future favourite.
The placing of this song on the EP is very clever: drawing in those who became fans of the band through the more commercial sound of their album.

Second track ‘Young Disciple‘ sees the band performing in a style similar to their older tracks (think about ‘The Greatest Show On Earth – Act I’ EP era). However, despite it having the swiftly delivered verses and melodic choruses old, it seems to be slightly infused with the band’s more accessible sound of later releases. This is something that the track greatly benefits from, offering an air of maturity to it.
The third track, ‘Mr. Policeman‘, is a lot more ska-focused than some of their other tracks as the band recount acts of theft in their youth. Were you one of the people who thought that ‘Alive‘ was quite ska? It has nothing on this. This track adopts a more reggae-tinged vibe than previously recorded material – and the band pull it off surprisingly well.

The EP closes with slow-burning piano-driven song ‘Slip Away‘. Think ‘Sunshine‘, but with a more classical sounding lead piano melody. A heartfelt love song, it makes the perfect closer to the EP and makes for a phenomenal addition to the band’s already impressive arsenal.

The EP is a great move on the band’s behalf: offering new material, in a stripped-back format that whets our appetites for upcoming album ‘Guerilla Invasion’ but without giving away what the tracks will sound like. Available on iTunes now for less than £4, it’s definitely worth it. Buy it. You won’t regret it.


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