My Heroine – ‘Driven To Distraction’ EP Review

Driven To Distraction EP Cover
Essex-based Rock band My Heroine released their debut EP ‘Driven To Distraction’ in November 2012, and it isn’t half bad! Combining elements of melodic metal with pop-punk, the band have a nice commercial metal sound that is hard to ignore.

The EP begins with the powerful pop-metal chops of ‘Be With Me’, a song that from the start demonstrates the band’s variety of influences. It also demonstrates the band’s gift for alternating between different rhythms and tempos – something that makes the track strangely addictive (well, that and the backing vocals which inspire you to singalong).

‘Spit It Out’ then shows another side of the band: whereas ‘Be With Me’ is predominately driven by the instrumentation as a whole, this track seems to focus slightly more on the guitars. The guitars soar through the sonic landscape as the vocals push the song forward even further.

‘Breathe’ and ‘Show And Tell’ would be classed as the ‘filler’ for this album. This isn’t to say that they are bad tracks, but they bear strong resemblances to one another and keep the EP running at a consistent pace. These are good tracks, but part of me feels that there should be something else included into the mix to add an air of distinction to these two tracks.

The EP picks up in order to end on a high note in the form of the release’s lead single ‘I’ll Be Your Heroine‘. The track combines the blistering guitars we previously saw on ‘Spit It Out’ with a powerful and melodic vocal performance which is carried by simple yet effective drums. Combining all of these things, along with lyrical content and structure that begs to be chanted, makes for a song that will undoubtedly become a hit at shows and make the band stand out.

Both the band and this release are definitely worth checking out off the strength of ‘I’ll Be Your Heroine‘ alone, but there is plenty on offer here. Fans of rock and melodic metal will definitely find value in this release.



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