Picks Of The Week 7

This week I spent hours searching the deepest and darkest reaches of Youtube to uncover some new music for everybody. So this week’s ‘Picks Of The Week’ is a Youtube special, with some incredibly weird and sometimes wonderful tracks. And we’ve got a couple of obscure ones, just so the hipsters can eat their hearts out.
I’d like to warn you now: some of these choices require you to be VERY open minded. Not all of these picks were selected based on quality: some were selected based on how strange they were.

1. Ultraviolent Junglist – Venetian Snares

Image courtesy of the musician's facebook page.
Genre: Jungle; Electronic; Dance; Experimental

Venetian Snares, AKA Aaron Funk, is a electronic musician who is…interesting, to say the least. I chose ‘Ultraviolent Junglist’ because it is among the most accessible of his tracks, but for those feeling a little more adventurous you can feel free to check out his track ‘Szamar Madar’. Venetian Snares use unusual sounds and unconventional means to create tracks that are high-octane and strangely enjoyable. He’s worth checking out when you’ve got some time. Or just to put on to puzzle your friends.

You can listen to the track here.

2. It’s My Life (Whatever I Wanna Do) – Vennu Mallesh

Image courtesy of the musician's facebook page.
Genre: Bhangra-Indie

It’s hard to say why this song has made the list. Vennu Mallesh has become something of a Youtube hit, predominately with people mocking him sarcastically. Even I will admit that at first I found the song so amusing that it actually became a must-listen, despite the copious amounts of auto-tune. But the song has slowly worked its way into my mind and now I’ll often find myself humming it, much to my chagrin (and that of everyone else around me once I explain). Listen to it a few times…it’ll make your day and, with enough listens, ruin your life.
Also, please watch the accompanying video. It not only assists in the humour but I also feel that somebody should help me understand why one of the producers is wearing underwear on his head.

You can listen to and watch the track here.

3. Sodomising Children – Hitlerbuttsecks

Genre: Electronic; Breakcore; Experimental; Gabber

There were no images available for Hitlerbuttsecks. Just as well, really. The song is interesting to say the least. It’s interesting to the point where I’d rather you found out by listening. It’s just under two minutes long and is experimental electronic…possibly too experimental though.

You can listen to the track here.

4. Roflcopter – Bonehead

Image courtesy of the musician's Myspace page.
Genre: Gabber; Breakcore; Terror; Electronic; Dance

Bonehead, AKA Samuel Tang, is a musician who specialises in gabber. For those of you who don’t quite know what that is, listen to some of Bonehead’s stuff and you’ll realise. I find that it’s like the marmite of the musical world: there’s no middle ground. You either love or hate it. But I think that, as gabber artists go, Bonehead is fairly accessible. It’s an interesting track, featuring a sample from South Park and music uncannily similar to an old Nintendo game (though nobody can figure out exactly which one).

You can listen to the track here.

5. Ocean Song – Hv358

Genre: Instrumental; Alternative Rock

No image was available for Hv358. I refer to him as that because it’s his Youtube name and I can’t find his real name, other than Henk. So all that I know is that his first name is Henk, he’s from the Netherlands, he plays guitar and he uses an eBow splendidly. This song is an instrumental that uses a drum backing while Henk plays the guitar with an eBow. Sounds simple enough and pretty boring, but Henk uses the eBow well and creates a very atmospheric track. Even the bum notes create just the right amount of dissonance to make the track worth a listen.

You can listen to the track here.

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