Introducing…Emma’s Imagination

Image courtesy of the musician's facebook.
Emma’s Imagination rose to popularity in 2010 following Sky One’s music show Must Be The Music, which she eventually won. Although she seems to have faded from public attention, she is this week’s featured musician because her music deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

Born Emma Gillespie, the musician’s unique acoustic-alternative style can often be characterised by what can only be described as a ‘happy sound’. In fact both the songs which she performed on Must Be The Music (‘Focus‘ and ‘This Day‘) are great soundtracks to a summer’s day, with the former actually sending shivers down my spine upon listening to the studio version.

However, a song I’d like to draw particular attention to is the second track from her 2010 ‘Stand Still‘ album: a track entitled ‘Soul Of Oceans‘. The song is subtly different to her other songs: it has a sound that oozes self-confidence rather than the self-conscious sound of, say, ‘Focus’ among others. A simply sublime declaration of life, ‘Soul Of Oceans’ deserves a listen.

However, I cannot find a link to the actual recorded version of that song. So short of listening to it on Spotify, you should all buy the track from Amazon. It costs 89p and is definitely worth it!

But so that none of you feel shortchanged with me doing an ‘Introducing…’ without featuring a track, here are two tracks for this week! Click here to listen to the spine-tingling and gentle ‘Focus’, and click here to listen to the upbeat ‘This Day’.

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