Lester Clayton – ‘The Lifeline’ EP Review

If you’re a fan of Lester Clayton, this EP will be exactly what you expect of him. And it’s a great way to introduce people to his sound.

The cover to The Lifeline EP by Lester Clayton

The cover to The Lifeline EP by Lester Clayton

This EP, in many ways, is a no-nonsense EP. Clayton wastes no time in showcasing every aspect of the lyrical and musical style that makes him special.
Opening track ‘Rich Man’ shows Clayton’s social commentary and the laid-back folk style of his band whereas following track ‘Breathe Easy’ sees Clayton snarling over heavier folk-acoustic instrumentation. Yet despite the differences in style, the tracks flow perfectly and the atmosphere is constant: this is the soundtrack for those laid-back souls who are struggling in face of the deficit.

Clayton has a gift for making music that comments on the world around him without sounding whiny, which is a risk that musicians like this always run. But Clayton makes the points he wants to in a fantastic way, keeping safe behind the breezy instrumentation of his backing band and his rallying lyrics.

While we are talking about the rest of the band, we should take a moment to praise them on their fine musicianship. The other three members who make up the quartet that is Lester Clayton (‘Big Daddy’ Steve on drums, Mehmet Raif on bass and Wolfe Hogan on violin) are often left out but deserve just as much recognition as Clayton himself. Their tight-yet-loose instrumentation is one of the key parts of the sound of Lester Clayton.

Clayton and the band have worked exceptionally hard on this release, evident not only in the quality of the lyrics and the music but also the quality of the tracks as a whole. And it has paid off for them. A fantastic release. I highly recommend you get this EP.

You can buy the EP here.



  1. Spot on, awesome music indeed. The tunes have got so much going on! Brilliant.

    The only thing I’d comment on though, is that the revue tends to focus on the Lester Clayton brand aa pertaining to one dude, but there are 4 awesome musicians in the band.

    Big Daddy Steve on the skins, Mehmet on bass, and my man Wolfe Hogan on the violin play with Lester. Their chemistry, their individual references and styles combine to skyrocket what are already wondefully crafted songs. They’re an awesome quartet and should be referred to as such!


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