Picks Of The Week 4

This week I’ve been listening to heavier stuff than usual, reflected in my choice of tracks. But for those of you who enjoys the usual inclusion of softer music, worry not: one of the tracks is an indie-ska gem.

1. The Death Of Rock And Roll – Guns For Girls

Courtesy of Guns For Girls' facebook page.
Genre: Grunge; Rock; Alternative

‘The Death Of Rock And Roll’ is a nice little piece of grunge-metal guitar work and Josh Homme styled vocals, driven forward by a strong rhythm section. In a nutshell, it shows Guns For Girls at their best with a song that seems as if it were made for a live situation. Fans of Queens Of The Stone Age or early Foo Fighters will find Guns For Girls irresistible, and anybody interested in grunge will find something of merit here. Guns For Girls have enough of a raw-edged refined sound to appeal to many.

You can listen to ‘The Death Of Rock And Roll’ here.

2. Rags And Riches – The Black Apples

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Rock ‘N’ Roll

Hard-hitting drums; muscular guitars; effective bass; powerful vocals. These are all characteristics of The Black Apples‘ sound, which seems perfectly calculated. Every nuance of sound seems to have a purpose; every beat is perfectly executed and timed. And on ‘Rags And Riches’, this is best demonstrated. The band produce an energetic and fun song that does what it needs to and nothing more: no extra sections are thrown in to waste time. Every second of the song is as effective and necessary as the last. And this is why both the song and the band definitely deserve listening to.

You can listen to the track here.

3. Truth Or Dare – Waking Elliot

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Pop-Rock; Alternative

Waking Elliot are a band that are somewhere in limbo between pop, alternative and rock. Regardless of what you wish to pigeonhole them as though, they are undeniably good. On ‘Truth Or Dare’, the band display their ability to craft dramatic sounding songs with atmospheric vocals and keys sections. And by throwing in a well-delivered powerful chorus that grows throughout the song, you have all the makings of a hit.

You can listen to the band here.

4. T-W-A-T – The Jellycats

Image courtesy of The Jellycat's facebook page.

Genre: Indie; Ska

Who doesn’t love a bit of indie-ska? The Jellycats definitely stand out in the current music scene with their unique sound. Sounding like mid-nineties Blur and Reel Big Fish, ‘T-W-A-T’ stands out as one of the band’s finest songs. Combining refreshing guitars, clear vocals and hints of social commentary, the song definitely warrants a listen.

You can listen to the song here.

5. Pandemonium – Pretentious Class

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Alternative-Rock

‘Pandamonium’ is the title of the track and the feeling can definitely be gathered from it. Pretentious Class blaze through the track with scorching guitars and a voice that sometimes may border on monotony, but it is effective in this song. With searing solos and fiery drums, the track is the finest by the band and puts them in good stead for the future.

You can listen to the track here.

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