Youth Man – ‘Youth’ EP Review

Six tracks and 15 minutes of concise post-punk energy makes for a very enjoyable and interesting listen. Youth Man‘s ‘Youth’ EP is definitely one to check out.

Youth EP Cover

The entire EP focuses around one simple philosophy: no-nonsense,, concise music with bitter vocals and powerful instrumentation. From the very first track, ‘Pretty Little Idiot’ (which is by far the worst track on the EP), this is evident. The band know exactly what they are doing and what they want from the EP.
Yet despite this one simple approach to music making, the songs are all refreshingly unique. With bands aiming for styles like this, it is very easy for the tracks to begin to sound the same. But Youth Man avoid this. ‘Pretty Little Idiot’ and ‘Youth Man’ are in-your-face post-punk numbers, whereas ‘The Word’ is an Alternative Rock number that takes you on mid-tempo lumber across a angst-ridden sonic landscape. And bonus track ‘A Sun’ is a powerful apocalyptic-punk science lesson that definitely deserves a listen.

In addition to this, the progression of the EP sounds natural and very cleverly done. The EP, when you listen, takes you on a fulfilling from start-to-finish. A fine example of this is the fourth and fifth tracks on the release: ‘Patterns’ and ‘Cold’.
‘Patterns’ is a fantastic Indie-Alternative track that will grip you tightly, in preparation for lo-fi indie gem ‘Cold’ to bring you slowly to a sublime crescendo that signifies the end of the EP (not including the bonus track).

Overall the EP is a great starting point for the band. Kaila Whyte’s vocals are top-notch and delivered with such angst-ridden venom that she perfectly fits the post-punk genre the band are aiming for, while the steady bass of Adam Haitoff and the ferocious, muscular drums of Marcus Perks provide for a solid backing track.

I highly recommend you check the EP and the band out. Both are worth your time.


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