Picks Of The Week 3

This week’s ‘Picks Of The Week’ is by far the most eclectic. With indie, reggae-folk, punk, urban-alternative and melodic metal, there’s something here for everybody.

1. Lament – Club Smith

Courtesy of Club Smith's facebook page.
Genre: Indie

Club Smith are your typical indie band, combining wonderful vocal harmonies with clean-cut guitars and a strong rhythm section. Although their track ‘No Friend Of Mine’ is a much more anthemic track, it is ‘Lament’ that encapsulates the band’s sound best: the atmospheric chorus; the powerful rhythm; the passionate vocals. ‘Lament’ shows the band doing what they do best: catchy indie-rock with elements of folk-rock.

You can listen to the track here.

2. Fred ‘N’ Ginger – Lester Clayton

Image courtesy of Lester Clayton's facebook page.
Genre: Acoustic; Street-Folk; Indie; Reggae

Lester Clayton is a unique act that combines acoustic-folk music with reggae to create powerful, laid-back tracks that never fail to put you in a good mood. On ‘Fred ‘N’ Ginger’, Clayton showcases everything that makes him and his style unique and compelling. The laid-back vibe of the track, mixed with Clayton’s gentle voice and a sublime string section, makes this the ideal starting point for anybody trying to get into his music. It’s a bit like Paolo Nutini and Ed Sheeran, with a bit more of a reggae vibe.

Listen to the track here.

3. The Word – Youth Man

Courtesy of Youth Man's facebook page.
Genre: Post-Punk; Hardcore; Alternative

Youth Man tend to produce hardcore punk music, brimming with uncontrollable energy and raw power. However, ‘The Word’ sees them exploring a (very) slightly gentler side of their sound. It is much more accessible than some of their other songs, but rocks just as hard and has just as much balls as any other songs. ‘The Word’ is a great introduction to a great underground act.

You can listen to the track and download their ‘Youth’ EP (featuring the track) here.

4. Swings – Citylightz

Image courtesy of Citylightz's facebook page.
Genre: Pop-Rock; Urban; Funk-Rock

‘Swings’ is the definitive Citylightz track to date. Combining elements of rock, pop, urban and funk into one track without it sounding like a mess requires a certain amount of skill. And the boys of Citylightz most certainly have that skill. The verses of ‘Swings’ show the urban and funk-rock elements of the band, building to the pop-rock chorus that is incredibly catchy and will easily get stuck in your head.

Listen to the track here.

5. I Am – Aceldama

Image courtesy of Aceldama's facebook page.
Genre: Melodic-Metal; Hard Rock

When the words “female-fronted hard rock/melodic-metal band” are put in front of you, two bands are the most common to spring to mind: Evanescence and Lacuna Coil. When approaching Aceldama‘s music, you should forget about those two. Aceldama combine the best of the two bands into something fresh and new. Melodic-metal instrumentation and song structure combined with powerful vocals are the band’s trademark, and it is clear as day on ‘I Am’. There is little to say about this track: it’s accessible melodic-metal music, with powerful female vocals and typical metal breakdowns and riffs. It is a small and engaging glimpse into the sonic world Aceldama are capable of creating.

Listen to the track here.

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