Listen// Boy Bjorn is running wild

Alternative track is a subtly positive remedy to anxiety.


Off the back of poignant opening one-two Anchorage and Alone At The Severance, Boy Bjorn‘s new single Now I’m Running is the knockout hit for the alternative artist.

The symphonic elements we’re used to remain on Now I’m Running, yet a more upbeat drive is also apparent, thrusting his trademark ethereal tones skywards. It is also somewhat of an emotional liberation.

The last tune to be written for Boy Bjorn’s upcoming album, Now I’m Running came to fruition a mere matter of hours after the original seed of inspiration took hold. It sees Boy Bjorn tackle his anxiety head-on, an expression of how it feels to be inside his head during an attack, as well as when he has a clear mind and the right perspective.

“I wrote it as an olive branch to others who have suffered or suffer” he says, “I needed that insight when I was in the worst of it. I needed to know that others couldn’t control it as well, that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I needed to learn that every day was a step towards healing. It’s ultimately a celebration of the scars it left me with. That I wouldn’t give up my experience for softer skin.”

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