Listen// Annabel’s apex

Annabel Allum’s latest offering is a psych-tinged alt jam with a soaring structure.


Say what you want about her disenchanted sounds or (at times) disgusted vocal deliveries, Annabel Allum is an artistic workaholic. Having only recently released her Sorry I’m Not Perceptible EP and accompanying demo/live tracks, Allum has topped her previous releases with Fear Naught.

Opening with a psychedelic guitar tone atop rumbling drums and a general lo-fi production quality that has grounded Allum’s previous works, Fear Naught catches Allum singing listeners into a hazy vortex of garage rock. It sounds simultaneous like Allum’s most sophisticated and least developed song; echoing many of the sounds expressed in the artist’s recent demos, but with a grace that feels refined.

It’s the sound of that moment in the gig where the act gives the audience a moment to breathe while they bring down the tempo with a rallying, hypnotising song that strengthens the audience’s spirits. This is the song that, so far, overshadows previous atmospheric offerings from Allum in a glorious way, making it a sure staple in her live repertoire for some time.

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