Listen// Far Caspian fills space with indie etherealism

Indie band slows things down for latest single.


While the band has only dropped two singles so far, Far Caspian has unquestionably carved itself an identifiable sound. Comprised of layers of indie guitars, vocals that dip in and out of the mix and upbeat, fierce drums, the band’s sound echoes Band of Horses and Grizzly Bear as much as the shoegaze revival of a few years ago.

Then come The Place, the band’s latest offering and the first single from the band to adopt a lumbering mid-tempo pace. While it’s packing in the same rhythmic intensity as usual, the single’s slower tempo doesn’t quite hit the mark as effectively as Far Caspian’s other works. It stands out among the catalogue and it’s an enjoyable listen that you can dive into for hours on end, but it doesn’t do an awful lot to demand attention.

The Place drifts along dreamily to begin with and, by the time it’s over, you’ll have noticed yourself having drifted off with it, allowing the song to become background noise. Compared to what has come before, The Place is forgettable; it’s a pleasant experience, but one that fades away as quickly as it came.

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