Listen// A smooth indie elevator ride

Ten Fé’s latest single is a bit more chilled out than their previous offerings.


We’re not sure how this happens, but it’s an all too frequent occurence that Ten Fé slips under our radar for years on end before triumphantly returning. We first stumbled across the outfit under original moniker in 2013, and the last time we checked in was during late 2015 when they dropped the bruising psychedelic sounds of Make Me Better.

Now, the band seems to have found peace in softer sounds. Latest offering Not Tonight is almost like indie elevator music, with a relaxing drum beat, piano lines and a soothing melody combining for a gentle track that feels like a modern take on 70s rock. In many ways, it wouldn’t be out of place among Band Of Horses’ Mirage Rock tracklisting.

While there are gaps in our knowledge on Ten Fé’s offerings in recent years, Not Tonight still feels like a significant deviation from the norm. It’s relaxed, smooth and mid-tempo without a trace of intensity or angst; it’s like the band has just returned from a group spa day at Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, with impressively positive results.

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