Video// Fall into a dream with Vryll Society

Experimental outfit sends you into a swirling dream of genre-bending goodness.


With their debut album in the works, The Vryll Society has taken a page from Altopalo‘s book and set about dropping a distinctly experimental track to build hype. Light At The Edge of The World is that single, offering up a swirling mass of space rock meets trip hop experimentalism.

Combining the influences of Tame Impala and Stereolab, the emerging quintet delve deeper than ever before into their eclectic palette of space rock, trip hop and psychedelia on their latest single with director Peter Fearon adding his own unique interpretation within the visuals.

“For the video we wanted the idea of a girl listening to the track and falling into a dream”, the band stated. “The majority of it is shot in a country garden where Peter really enhanced the colours to give it a dreamy summery vibe. The girl seems to be looking for something throughout the video and we’ve left it up to the viewer to decide what that is”.

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